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I have few projects that have been languishing, and though I’m not formally participating in Ravellinics, my goal is to wrap them up by the end of the closing ceremonies.

The Sculpture Pillow by Amy Butler is one of the projects on my list. The pattern was published in Rowan Midwest Modern Knits, and also in Prima (December 2010 issue) - where you can find the free, downloadable pattern.

Finally picking up the tomten again.

Heather is a good friend of mine - bright, beautiful, funny and generous to a fault. So when Heather recently expressed the desire to have me knit her some mittens or socks? Well, let’s just say the door didn’t stand a chance of hitting me in the patookus, I ran out the house in such a frenzy to get to the yarn store.

Grove Mittens

I cast on the Grove Mittens from Made in Brooklyn.

Unfortunately, the mittens were small. Small, small. The mittens might fit my mother (who has such delicate hands that they could be mistaken for a 10 year olds), but they won’t fit many others. When I tried them on, I nearly cut off blood flow to my fingertips.

Nonetheless, despite the extremely narrow size, I knit on. I read a few knitting blogs, I read the Grove pattern discussion on Ravelry. People complained about the tightness of the mittens, but for some, blocking was the answer! Yay for blocking!

I finished the left mitten hand and picked up stitches for the thumb. I tried on the mitten again. I looked at how stretched out the mitten was. I knit some more on the thumb and tried on the mitten again. I attempted to tighten up the stitches. I threw the mitten across the room. I picked up the one-row scarf for Jeff’s dad and knit on that while the mitten mocked me from afar. I came close to giving it to my cat to play with, but I have the one cat in the universe who cares not a flip about wool.

Part of me wants to finish it, block it and hope for something magical. (Delusional, I know.) I’m just delaying the inevitable frogging. For the the mitten to work as I want, I need a thicker yarn and larger needle. I may be sick to my stomach.

Is anyone out there? I need a pat on the back and maybe a cup of chamomile.